Jun 2, 2022 • 43M

#Ep53 of The Empire of the Kop Podcast: The Paris debacle, reviewing Liverpool's season... & more!🎙️

Join Farrell Keeling, Peter Kenny Jones and Ste Carson for the official podcast of the Empire of the Kop

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What was supposed to be an enjoyable occasion for all turned into a living nightmare for fans who had travelled to Paris for the Champions League final thanks to the horrific treatment by French police and the dismal organisational efforts of UEFA and French authorities.

We looked back at the events around the Stade de France and beyond in the latest installment of The Empire of the Kop podcast:

  • The disgraceful handling of the Champions League final & Gerald Darmanin’s lies…

  • Was this a successful season for Liverpool?

  • Does Fabio Carvalho fill a potential gap left by Sadio Mane?


We’d like to express once more our sincerest gratitude to the fans that have come forward to share their stories from their time in the French capital.

With so much in the way of footage and eyewitness accounts out there, the reality is - try as the likes of Gerald Darmanin might - the truth will not be denied.

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