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#Ep69 of The Empire of the Kop Podcast (Special Edition): Debating FSG with Red Sox and Pittsburgh Penguins fans🎙️

Join Farrell Keeling, Peter Kenny Jones, Red Sox fan Sean Stetson and Pittsburgh Penguins fan Jeff Taylor for the official podcast of the Empire of the Kop

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Farrell Keeling
Peter Kenny Jones
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FSG… to hate, or not to hate - that is the question.

For Sean Stetson, the answer is unequivocally clear after many a year with Fenway Sports Group and ‘creepy’ John Henry holding the reins at Fenway Park.

As Liverpool fans, whilst we can acknowledge that the American group has done a great deal of good for the club - saving the club from the clutches of George Gillett and Tom Hicks perhaps prime amongst their great deeds - there has likewise been plenty to be unhappy about.

We spoke to the editor of The Globe, Sean Stetson (Red Sox fan), and the host of the Fly Penguins Fly podcast, Jeff Taylor (Pittsburgh Penguins fan) to get the ultimate view of FSG and their capabilities as owners.

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