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#Ep72 of The Empire of the Kop Podcast: Author chat with Marios Mantzos on Jurgen Klopp... and more!

Join Farrell Keeling, Peter Kenny Jones and special guest Marios Mantzos for the official podcast of the Empire of the Kop

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Is there a man better suited to Liverpool - the city and football club - than Jürgen Klopp?

The fanatical appreciation for the German tactician, famous in Merseyside for his opening objective of turning fans from ‘doubters to believers’, has thrilled the world with his electric brand of football, stealing the hearts of Liverpool supporters and neutrals in the process.

Whilst the Reds may have stumbled, once again, on hard times under the 55-year-old, there remains not a doubt in our minds that it would require a state of sheer lunacy to even consider the prospect of showing ‘The Normal One’ the door.

Digging into the psychology and politics of the man who made Europe fear Liverpool once again, Empire of the Kop invited Marios Mantzos to discuss his book The Social One: Why Jurgen Klopp Was a Perfect Fit for Liverpool’.

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