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#Ep73 of The Empire of the Kop Podcast: Author chat with Chris Roberts on Football, Mental Health... and more!

Join Farrell Keeling, Peter Kenny Jones, Flashscore's Ste Carson and special guest Chris Roberts for the official podcast of the Empire of the Kop

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Farrell Keeling
Peter Kenny Jones
Ste Carson
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All too often as fans - not to mention commentators and journalists - it can be easy to forget the human side of football.

Such is our level of investment in the sport, we can overlook the mental health of those brilliant individuals who provide us with moments of unbridled joy or heartbreak on our weekends and in the midweek.

We invited Chris Roberts on the Empire of the Kop podcast to discuss the darker side of the sport we all love so much; looking at the greed underlining the decision-making of the major governing bodies and the hurt and heartbreak linked with football.

We also touched on the fresh Alexis Mac Allister rumours that have popped up of late and looked ahead to the upcoming meeting with Wolves in the league.

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