Liverpool found to have a net spend only £42m higher than Brighton's since 2012... 💰🤯

Importantly, however, the Reds do have the 7th highest total in transfer spend between 2012-2021!

Under owners Fenway Sports Group, Liverpool have become synonymous with sustainability and cautious manoeuvres.

It’s an identity that has only been further cemented by the CIES Football Observatory’s Monthly Report, which puts the Merseysiders underneath West Ham United and Aston Villa for net spend.

It’s important to note, however, that the Reds’ total for transfer spend does significantly outweigh that of the aforementioned Premier League outfits.

It paints an interesting picture, nonetheless, given that the likes of Arsenal and Manchester United - both with superior total spend - have struggled to replicate Liverpool’s level of success in recent years.

As far as Jurgen Klopp’s men are concerned, it certainly suggests that a sustainable approach has been far from restrictive in terms of the club’s aims of being a force domestically and abroad.

There is a sense of risk about the recruitment team’s approach, however, even if it doesn’t appear obvious at first glance.

The club has been known to stick to a preferred target when it has identified the right man for a role. It was this level of persistence that saw the side hold out for world-class centre-half Virgil van Dijk, an addition that has entirely changed Liverpool’s fortunes.

It can mean that we’re left somewhat short when there is a clear need for certain positions to be strengthened, as has been consistently highlighted in the summer window just gone.

It’s made all the more frustrating when we’re witnessing our rivals willing to put their money where their mouth is and go big on their targets.

Regardless, the reality of the situation is that this isn’t how Liverpool is run and success evidently isn’t contingent on the club following that particular strategy.

Financially, we’d be foolish to accuse the Anfield-based outfit of not committing given their sheer outlay when it comes to wages.

Having witnessed key stars of the likes of Luis Suarez and Xabi Alonso have their heads turned by fellow European heavyweights, we can already see the value of being able to compete with the big boys in terms of the wage bill.

Long-term, it does remain to be seen whether this blueprint would fit a manager who isn’t Klopp.

In the meantime, however, it would certainly appear to make little sense to change a mode of operation that has proved successful for Liverpool, regardless of how much money our rivals are prepared to throw at their personal concerns.

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