Liverpool NEED a new midfielder as Wijnaldum exit nears - EOTK Insider reveals latest update on Tielemans 🦊

The Foxes' star is reportedly ready for a new challenge

Ready-made… a perfect replacement for Georginio Wijnaldum…

Pundits and ex-players have been keen to sing the praises of Leicester City’s Youri Tielemans, who has been recently linked with making a switch to Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool outfit.

It’s speculation that would undoubtedly be somewhat more muted were our soon-to-be ex-No.5 not heading straight for the Anfield exit.

Nonetheless, we’re willing to reasonably indulge it on the basis of the sheer quality of the midfielder in question.

Sven Claes, a Belgian journalist who follows the latest developments affecting his compatriots across Europe’s top leagues, had an interesting prognosis to offer on the future of the FA Cup hero.

This comes from the same source who had the scoop on Divock Origi’s move to Merseyside back in the summer of 2014 - you can keep track of his latest updates on Twitter @svenclaes - so it’s definitely worth paying attention to.

“It will be a very difficult decision for Tielemans. The tears speak for themselves after receiving the POTY award two weeks ago,” the reporter told EOTK Insider.

“When he'll play a good Euros I expect him to be leaving yes. He's ready for a new challenge/next step - and I also believe that.

“It's an absolute talent with an excellent mentality on and off the pitch.

“A lot of clubs like Man U and a Spanish top team already want him.

“He had it difficult in the past at AS Monaco, but at Leicester everyone saw his real qualities again. I think we'll hear soon more about his near future.”

It should be noted that Liverpool’s interest in the Foxes’ man is far from being developed, with Tielemans on a long list of potential targets.

It’s how we’d prefer our recruitment team to act, of course, with any potential setback down the line - be it losing the player to an interested rival, for instance - able to be mitigated by the acquisition of another viable target.

Hypothetically speaking, however, were the recruitment team to decide that the versatile midfielder was at the top of the pile, how much would he potentially set us back?

“Fee? Leicester paid in 2019 45 million euros so I guess he's now worth around 65 million euros,” Claes added.


Let’s not forget that the figure touted has come before the European Championship has been and gone - we’d expect the asking price to inflate somewhat should the 24-year-old enjoy a successful tournament with the Red Devils.

With player sales reportedly said to once more be a critical factor for Liverpool’s summer business ahead of the upcoming transfer window, it would be somewhat out of character for us to bid in excess (potentially significantly so) of £55m.

But then, having lost a top-notch option in Wijnaldum, a player who has missed less than 6% of Premier League games since first making the switch from Newcastle United, would it not be justified for the club to commit to funding a quality replacement?

If we’re talking around the £55m mark, our chances would be relatively tenuous at best based on our recruitment history; any higher, we may very well have to forget about the talented Belgium international.

As things stand, however, Tielemans’ future is far from being sorted.

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