Liverpool NEED to buy a new no.2 goalkeeper - Sergio Romero and Rui Silva fit the bill 🧤

Kelleher is going on loan and Adrian is staying.. But we need another ✍🏽

Alisson gets injured more than most keepers. That’s the sad fact of it. He’s immense - we absolutely love him - but since 2020, he picked up six separate injuries or illnesses that have contributed to a total of 22 missed games.

The news is that Liverpool want to loan out Kelleher and give Adrian a new contract - enabling the Spaniard to be the no.2 next season.

As much as I like Adrian as a person - and he’s obviously great to have in the dressing room and on the training ground - he’s not up to scratch. He’s an accident waiting to happen, which is why Jurgen Klopp promoted Kelleher in his place this season just gone…

There’s a few free transfers who could come in and help out.

Danijel Subasic is on a free and has been for a while, while Granada’s Rui Silva is as well and is a quality stopper.

I’d happily take Sergio Romero, as well, with the Argentine leaving on a free himself. He’s always looked good between the sticks for our rivals, but he might not want to sour his relationship with their fans by signing for the enemy.

Gianluigi Donnarumma is also out of contract, but there’s no way the Italian is switching sides to become someone’s backup!

Rui Silva is probably the option I most like of the Bosman boys, and would very much urge Klopp and Michael Edwards to consider bringing in another.

We can’t guarantee Alisson will play 38 games next term. It’s very, very important.

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