Pep Guardiola's £60m lie makes Man City's spending look even worse 😂

Why lie, Pep? Why lie?

Politicians, influencers, Pep Guardiola… no one seems to tell the truth anymore, do they?

In the grand scheme of things, some lies are more costly than others, though that doesn’t make the Manchester City boss’ playful relationship with the truth any less frustrating for football fans.

The former Barcelona coach’s triggering statement followed the £100m acquisition of Aston Villa ace Jack Grealish, in which he seemed to forget just exactly how much his side had amassed in player sales.

“When we could spend this amount of money, it's because we sell for almost £60m,” the manager told reporters in a press conference.

“We sell young players from the academy for £60m.

“When you sell for £60m, you can afford £100m, otherwise it couldn't have been possible.”

Pep, Pep, Pep. That’s not even vaguely close to the truth.

€38m (£32m). Since when did just over half of £60m qualify as ‘almost £60m’?

The thing is, Manchester City’s notable financial backing - and all the dodginess associated with it - is practically common knowledge at this point.

We expect the Cityzens to be able to fund these big money moves for the likes of Jack Grealish and Harry Kane, even amidst the financial fallout resulting from the pandemic.

What makes the situation even worse, however, is Guardiola’s frankly pathetic attempt to convince neutrals that his club’s financial activities are all above board.

City aren’t the only ones to skirt around the rules, of course. Chelsea’s model very much toes the line in that regard, snapping up young talent, loaning them out and then selling on for a major profit.

It’s a manipulation of the system funded by their own financial prowess but it’s technically, to their credit, in line with Financial Fair Play.

City, on the other hand, have freely made a mockery of such rules, with Guardiola’s pitiful attempt at a smokescreen as transparent as his club’s inflated sponsorship deals.

That’s not to take anything away from Pep Guardiola as a manager, of course. The 50-year-old is deservedly in the same bracket as Jurgen Klopp as one of the best coaches in world football.

However, it does make things a bit easier when you can afford to build a second string that would rival most sides’ first-XIs.

Manchester City are an absolute treat to watch because of the talent on offer but also due in no small part to the brand of football Guardiola has imposed upon the title-holders.

That being said, we’d find it easier to respect the Spaniard if he were to openly admit the financial advantage at his disposal. Or, at the very least, not making claims that are so far removed from fact as to be insulting.

Claiming last season that his side wouldn’t be able to fund an expensive move for a player like Grealish before then proceeding to do exactly that and justifying it with a baseless statement is just ridiculous.

Circumstances can change - that’s fine. But at least show some integrity.

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