There's an argument to be made for Shaw as the best English left-back... but he doesn't hold a candle to Robertson 🚫

Andy Robertson in his worst season compares favorably to Shaw's best

Luke Shaw is currently enjoying a praise-worthy run of form for the England national side during the European Championship, that much can be acknowledged.

However, the fullback’s revitalisation, stemming from a regular run in the Manchester United first-team under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the prior season, has led some to float a rather eyebrow-raising claim.

“He’s showing, especially in this tournament, just what he’s capable of,” ex-Red Devil Ashley Young spoke of the 25-year-old, as quoted by Manchester Evening News. “Those capabilities are, for me, the best left-back in the world. I’m absolutely delighted for him.”

Sacré bleu!

As a former Manchester United player, of course, we’d hardly expect the 35-year-old to admit, “well, actually, if you take Andy Robertson out of the equation, Luke Shaw is the best left-back in the world”.

Nonetheless, it’s the type of reactionary statement that seems rather endemic among commentators linked to the Manchester-based outfit, being on a par with Rio Ferdinand’s prior bold declaration regarding Solskjaer and a certain ‘wheel’.

These comments were precipitated by a rather bold claim from the United boss over a year ago whilst Liverpool were on track to secure the return of the league title to Merseyside for the first time in 30 years.

“Potentially we have the best left-back in England,” the Norwegian said of the England international. “Luke has the potential to be the best one. And that is the great challenge for him now.”

Though ultimately a discussion about potential, you could only really back the ex-Southampton star now if you were considering who the best English left-back was at the current point in time.

As Liverpool fans were quick to point out on the Twittersphere, in a season perceived by some to be the Scot’s worst, Robertson still compares more than favourably against Shaw’s “best” season.

Stats aren’t the be and all when it comes to such debates, of course, but given that the former Hull City fullback posted these numbers in Liverpool’s most trying season in recent memory is a pretty remarkable feat, all things considered.

Ultimately, when it comes down to it, Shaw’s certainly in contention to be considered as England’s best left-back but to suggest his superiority to Andy Robertson, one of a combination of fullbacks at Liverpool credited with reforming the role under Jurgen Klopp, is completely wide of the mark.

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