This is freakin' beautiful... Thiago's full-season highlights whet the appetite for next season - where we think he'll be a PLAYER OF THE YEAR contender 🔥🎥

The guy is ridiculous, isn't he? He actually had a very good season...

‘Thiago slows Liverpool down…’

‘Thiago can’t tackle…’

‘Thiago hasn’t adapted to English football…’

‘Thiago is finished and overrated in the first place…’

Some of the tripe uttered about the mercurial Spaniard during this season was mental. The midfielder came back into the side after a long injury and COVID-19 and still did pretty well - the problem was the team was playing appallingly, we had no defence and were losing every game.

As a result, Thiago was lazily blamed by some and suggested as the catalyst for our mid-season collapse, despite the fact he was one of the better, more consistent performers.

But during our end of season top-four surge, he was sensational - right when Jurgen Klopp decided to move Fabinho back into midfield.

Next term, with captain Jordan Henderson hopefully making up the triumvirate, Liverpool could quite realistically have one of the best, most balanced midfields on the planet.

Watch seven minutes of him passing through the lines, leaving opponents for dead with quick jinks and playing super-smart reverse passes, below.

Get your bets on for Premier League Player of the Year 2021/22 - you heard it here first…

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