Zidane's Real Madrid quitting puts Liverpool AHEAD in Mbappe chase 😳

Get on the phone, LeBron James, and make this happen...

Zinedine Zidane has walked out of Real Madrid for the second time…

The Spanish giants failed in Europe (although they beat us, just) and missed out on La Liga to boot.

Why does this bother Liverpool, though? Well, because one of the primary reasons Kylian Mbappe was so keen on switching to Real Madrid was Zidane’s presence.

Now, he’s surely less keen on a move to the Spanish capital, although we’d suggest they’re still favourites overall.

Mbappe’s deal expires in 2022, so PSG have no choice but to cash in, with the 22-year-old not planning on extending terms in France.

Obviously, the finances involved to bring Mbappe in, both in terms of transfer fee and wages, will still be astronomical - so it depends on whether FSG are willing to splash the cash given how tight they’ve been with the pursestrings in the past.

If we sold Mo Salah, it would maybe be a possibility, but that’s not something we’re ever going to talk up as want the Egyptian King at Anfield for his whole career.

We do know though that Mbappe loves Jurgen Klopp. They speak to each other and the German has built a relationship with Mbappe’s father, too.

Mbappe will cost huge sums, but he’d make us huge sums, too. With Nike’s backing, Mbappe in Liverpool red could help us soar commercially. We qualified for the Champions League too, which would of course be essential in any prospective move.

So with Zidane gone, maybe Liverpool are the most attractive club for the superstar? Let’s get LeBron James on the phone to start brokering a deal!

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