đź”´ EOTK Insider: Arguing the case for Liverpool's new yellow & red McDonald's kit đź‘•

The Reds' bold new third kit by Nike has split the fan-base in half...

Alright - it’s fair to say Liverpool’s new third kit hasn’t gone down entirely well.

It seems the Reds’ new yellow number is a bit like Marmite; some love it and some can’t stand to even look at it.

A colleague of mine, who you probably already know of - Farrell Keeling, isn’t sold on Nike and Liverpool’s latest offering. (Read his take on the 2021/22 kit collection here.)

But I’m a little more enthused by the bold design. Dare I say I like it?

Yes, and I think risks are always worth taking with alternative kits.

There is a reason once upon a time clubs would only have two kits per season - the third one barely gets seen!

What Nike and Liverpool have done with the yellow and red strip is created a wearable that’ll have a cult-like interest.

Mark my words, there will be people at music festivals in summers to come that’ll be donning the 21/22 third shirt, a bucket hat and a rosy tan.

In his aforementioned opinion piece, Farrell raises a fair point when he singles out the checker trim on the collar and sleeves as a key reason the kit hasn’t gone down better.

While it doesn’t help the McDonald’s and Los Pollos Hermanos comparisons, the club’s official line is that it was inspired by flags flown on the Kop and around Anfield.

Call me a wet-wipe, but that’s sold me - I’m a sucker for anything that touches upon the history of the club and its city - I was a big fan of last season’s aqua kit that was said to be inspired by stone structures in Liverpool.

Maybe I’m just a little biased, too, as I do also love citric colours for kits…

Either way, I believe Liverpool and Nike have knocked it out of the park with this season’s kits; the home strip is typical with a modern twist, the ecru away shirt is an instant classic and the McDonald’s uniform is - as far as I’m concerned - a successful experiment.

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