Feel sorry for him.

If only that mistake on the CL final happened in another game not so important Kathy's would have been at liverpool still.

Remember Alisson the cold feet story.Bruce Groblaer the dribbles.

James with the crosses , mobile the beach ball and so many more.

That champion's league final was lost as soon as Salah was slaughtered by ramos.

All Liverpool players heads gone including the manager end off.

Similar to this year final it was the manager mistake not starting with firmino end off.

Firmino would have got 2 of the 9 chances Liverpool had and because he gives more confidence to Salah and sadio or other attacker very clever player.

To be a good LFC fan you have to recognise the truth.a


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Good luck to Karius wherever he goes, but he is tainted by the number of klanger's he has made for each club he has played, check them out on YouTube. Why he's never found another club other than in that fiasco in Turkey, where no player should go, is down to him. Even now, does he have another club? He needs to return to Germany, go back to basics and rebuild his confidence.

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