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There are three categories of midfielders, roughly a 6,8 and 10

6- holding

8- box to box, versatile with a strong defense first basis

10- creator first, but can press effectively

Some players such as Henderson and Thiago are 8’s with ability to play 6

Bellingham is mostly and 8

Keira is an 8 but versatile and can play 10

Elliott, Carvalho is a 10

Jones is a 10 and tried out as an 8 but hasn’t proven it yet.

So why are all the Liverpool FC journalists assuming that the desire to let the three young 10’s blossom, have much to do with a decision to buy Bellingham or Onana or the Aston Villa kid whose name I can’t spell?

If analyzed the midfield this way we could intelligently discuss the process and timing of transitioning from Milner, Henderson and Thiago as they will likely all fade away in turn, in 2-3 seasons.

Then we can have another discussion on the prospects of the three young 10’s achieving the levels of 10’s that ‘top 3-4’ teams in the world possess

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